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We are a conglomeration of races that live in the northern wastes, nearly wiped out by human activity. We are the Dwellers, the Elementals, the Tuatha, the reavers, the scrin, the wendigo, the Xinra and the Soned.

The Brethern Dwelle10 Dweller

We are the demons of the frozen wastes, the beings that slither through your nightmares and the darkest recesses of your mind. The humans think we have been wiped out, but we will show them that we are far from dead.

The Brethern Elemen10 Elemental

We, the guardians of the north and its ancient secrets, have been attacked by the now power hungry and mad humans. The noble dragon kind made us to protect thier relics and most powerful areas of magik and we will continue to do so, till we all lay broken dead.

The Brethern Reaver10 Reaver

The Brethern Scrin10 Scrin

The Brethern Soned10 Soned

The Brethern Tuatha10 Tuatha

The Brethern Wendig10 wendigo

The Brethern Xinra10 Xinra

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