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Half-Demon Nasada and Single Characters Empty Half-Demon Nasada and Single Characters

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The Nasada Were created from merging the blood and flesh of demons with a human host. The majority of these half-breeds were failures and died before the process could be completed. However, the ones who survive can range in how they cope with this new power. Although they are half bred with the demon blood, their humanity hangs in the balance of their will to control it. If they do not possess this willpower, they will succumb to their demonic side. Little is known of how they would react if their human will was lost, this could potentially lead to an unstoppable being with strength unknown.

Eyes: Gray with Human Pupils/Red with Slit Pupils
Hair: Silvery-Blonde
Height: 5'6
Personality: Calm
Bio: Synne's childhood was a normal one, she lived a in city with her family in the region of Vorah, went to school, had friends and played happily like any normal child. When Vorah began their research her family and loved ones sold her to the researchers. She was one of the first to be infused with the blood of a demon and also one of the most successful. The initial transformation was only the beginning for her. She endured scrutinizing training where even sleep became unbearably painful. Her body was tore part again and again to see the extent of damage she could endure without being mortally injured.
Half-Demon Nasada and Single Characters Synne10

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qT9jmmQfZ4
Eyes: Steel/Fiery Red with Slit Pupils
Hair: White
Weight: 150
Bio: Noture willingly gave himself to the Nasada Project with only revenge as his goal. Such unbridled hatred led to his human mind succumbing to the demon that was placed inside him. Though always in a constant battle, he losses a little more of himself as time passes him by. He falls deeper into the blackness of his own soul while the demon rages within him. He may never be able to regain full control of himself unless something causes him to awaken from this sleep and take control from the darkness that binds him.
Half-Demon Nasada and Single Characters Devilm10
Half-Demon Nasada and Single Characters Dmc2da10
Half-Demon Nasada and Single Characters Noture10

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Half-Demon Nasada and Single Characters Empty Re: Half-Demon Nasada and Single Characters

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Other Single Characters
Freya Frozenheart
Hair Color: Dust/Gray
Eye Color: Silver Blue
Half-Demon Nasada and Single Characters 54153310
General features and Assassin's Armor

Half-Demon Nasada and Single Characters Freya10
Assassin's Armor and Fang

Born in in the northern mountains, her childhood was tough and filled with hardship, a small group of people created a village to the outer most mountains in the north, the nearest village was a five day ride away in good conditions. Times were good for this small village for a long time, she lived in peace with the wilderness and her family. That peace would be destroyed by one being.

In the early morning a loud roar was hear in the village, two creatures roared back and forth as they flew high above the villagers who were now looking on to what was happening. The dragons thrashed each other until one shrieked and plummeted to the ground, its body soon writhing in pain as the other dove down and burned the city. Freya, at the time was only ten, approached the fallen dragon and touched it. People tried to reach her to pull her away but were cut off by the other dragon and fled or the died in the flames of dragon's breath. The fallen dragon allowed her to hide under it as the other killed and destroyed the village.

After nightfall, when the other dragon had departed, the fallen dragon rose up slowly as the flames still burned within the village. It carried Freya in the blackest of night to a mountain and died there. As it died it's soul was absorbed by the child who then learned a word in the language of the Dragons.
Known Shouts:
OD ZI VIING-Snow Spirit Wing: Summons the dragon that saved her life from within her own soul.

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