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Qunxi Ironclaw
Qunxi Ironclaw Domina10

Qunxi is from a tribe of advanced beings from a far off land he has been declared an outcast from there society for not participating to help conquer there land and rule over all the land with an iron fist
Qunxi opposed this view saying that we should try to live in peace and benefit from working with them to take down those who would oppose us as a whole for if we stay divided we are sure to fall to foreign powers he was laughed and scoffed at for his advice to the king for he was the personal adviser and diplomat to the king for this he was banished from his kingdom and told never to return or he would be killed on sight
6’5 Height
200 lbs
Hair color: White
Eye color: Fire bronze
Profession: Diplomat/Sage
Demeanor : calm
Age: 500 years old ( normaly they only live 500 years but thanks to qunxi's unique art he will live for 1000 years)

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