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Searching for the Chosen Empty Searching for the Chosen

Post  Vorah on Fri May 04, 2012 5:15 pm

Especially with some particularly recent 'mishaps' on behalf of the faction of Vorah, the Inner Council was looking to regain their favor within the Empire - or, at least, their power. Rumors had been swirling...rumors of the Empire's 'chosen' child, one born every century who possessed certain qualities that would lead to magical immunity. Interestingly enough, this generation's child had not yet been found. It was suspected that she was stuffed into hiding against the Empire's wishes, and they wanted to find her. Such a child, as the tradition went, could be utilized for many different roles.

The Empire went to Vorah to find her. An Inner Council Archmage, Secharius, was assigned to the task of finding this child. He held a divination ritual within the halls of an underground Vorah temple. With ritual artifacts and divination components strewn across an altar, the Archmage's scholar finished - the intent of the ritual was to use a pool of liquid, rippling in a bowl placed atop the altar, to 'see' some trace of the child's location. Perhaps a visage of where she was being kept might appear.


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