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The Ordo Kruzii'k Mir or in the common tongue The Order of the Ancient Allegiance
The Ordo is the only thing left that remembers the Ancient times When Man and Dragon where as brothers and played at spreading righteousness across the world. When the Humans splintered and man kinds light grew darker rather than lighter and the Dragons began to slumber they withdrew to a large mountain range far far to the east, the mountains are snowy and extremely dangerous for those who do not possess the means to pass through the dragon gate, a rock formation at the base of the western most bottoms of the mountains in the shape of an imposing closed dragons maw, Only by speaking the correct words in the ancient dragon tongue will it open and instantly bring you to the Center of Yuvon Golt ( The Golden Ground), the main city of the Ordo.

Natural Suroundings (( I.E replace the oriental city with one mixed from above))-

The People that Live here are not ALL monks that zealously follow the old way, some are normal people living a simple and peaceful live within the valley. The Members of the Ordo are trained in ancient forms of martial combat aswell as how to use the ancient dragon tongue in combat. These fighting monks are called the Vahrii'n (the Sworn) and the Master of the Ordo is known as the Voth Ahkrii'n (the Chosen)
Clothing worn by those in the Ordo (the master's are the exact same except for a gold and silver brooch depicting a dragon teaching a man to speak)
The Ordo's members are always ready for the time of the awakening, when the Light Bringer an ancient dragon will rise from his slumber and call upon them.
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